a pixel art portrait of plokta wearing neon-tinted spectacles.


hi there! i'm plokta.

my pronouns are she/her. i produce weirdcore music for myself to listen to, but you may enjoy it too! listening to music i have created myself is a great stim, because it is a fully predictable form of auditory stimulation.

a screenshot of a round, green music visualizer

music visualizer

(javascript required)

the following project is a web-based collection of music visualizers coded using p5.js. it is best experienced on devices with larger screens, and may not work on mobile.

poem :: neon-tinted spectacles

the earthlings won't join xer
the earthlings are busy gazing out
of an o'erton window
evading with their eyes
the imprint of xer dormant dream
they don't want a pair of
neon-tinted spectacles
they don't want to peer
outside the window's frame
they don't want xer supposed nadir

canon's scripts predict isolated anomalies
"tracelessly capture manageable mutations!"
to categorically exclude xenoculture
and blithesomely banish its embodiment

the outliers are excluded to their detriment
the outlines are drawn in neon colors
if you look closely enough

there is far more room for variation
between the cultures of aliens than humans
an internal sense of culture
unlike the one projected on xer
the boundary between
intersecting and non-intersecting elements
of the internal and external
stand out like jagged outlines
that xe alone can see

so xe set xer mind to work each day
to find the union in the noise
to collapse the neon edges and make way for
a manifold of unity
a path traversal through the radical
and the radically mundane

there is far more room for variation
between the cultures of aliens than humans
but now both work together
because the earthlings decided to join xer
and soon xe will look back
to remember that xer isolation
was the binding force whence emerged
an eidolon of fellowship

one by one those still gazing
gazing out an o'erton window
evading with their eyes
the light of the eidolon
might fashion for their own
new neon-tinted spectacles
with which to peer beyond
beyond the window's frame